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  1. 1. When is a good time to take the supplements?
    Since supplements are regarded as food, there is no specific time to take them. It is okay to take the supplements at any time, but it is a good idea to take them alongside food so as to aid in absorption. We also recommend that you break up larger doses and take them at different intervals throughout the day.
  2. 2. Do I have to take the supplements with water?
    Since supplements are regarded as food, there is no problem with taking them alongside beverages. However, we recommend that you take the supplements with water due to its lesser effect on the body and the supplements themselves.
  3. 3. Do the supplements have any side effects?
    Supplements are food, so there are generally no side effects. However, there is the possibility that there are ingredients in the supplements that you are allergic to or that don’t work well with your body’s condition. Please check the ingredients before you take the supplements. Also, please take the supplements in small amounts and increase the quantity gradually the first time that you take them. Monitor your body’s condition and adjust as necessary.
  4. 4. Can I take these supplements with any medicines?
    Although the supplements are regarded as food, the ingredients in the supplements do affect your body, and therefore some ingredients may not be safe to combine with medicines. It is best to consult your physician before taking the supplements and any medicines at the same time.
  5. 5. How long do the supplements take to have an effect on my body?
    The effect that the supplements have depends on your body type and condition. Even though some ingredients only take a short period before taking effect, most ingredients take more time. We recommend that you take our supplements for a period of between three and six months for a start.
  6. 6. Can I take this supplement over adequate in taking?
    Since supplements regard as food, the adequate quantities are just adequate quantities. However, it is possible that something affects your body if you over take these supplement. We strongly recommend that you follow the adequate quantities and keep taking these supplements.
  7. 7. Can I take different kinds of supplements at the same time?
    Generally there is nothing wrong with taking different kinds of supplements at the same time. However, we advise that you check the ingredients of each supplement first and adjust the quantities accordingly before taking them.
  8. 8. Is it okay to take the supplements when I am a pregnant or nursing?
    Supplements are not medicine, and so there is still a lot of unsure information and therefore we recommend that you refrain from taking them. However, if you feel that it is necessary to take the supplements we advise that you consult with your physician first.
  9. 9. Is it okay for children to take the supplements?
    Children who are over 6 years of age and who are able to swallow the capsules safely are able to take the supplements. The package indicates that the quantities are for adults who are over 60kg. Therefore, make the necessary conversions according to your child’s body weight and administer as necessary. Also, for children who are not accustomed to taking capsules and pills, start with small amounts and increase gradually over time.
    Warning: There are some supplements that are not suitable for children. Please contact us for specific details on each supplement.
  10. 10. When is the best before date?
    Best before dates are written on the packages or labels since supplements are a type of dietary food. The best before dates are for the unopened products. Therefore, take all of the supplements as soon as possible, or within 2-3 months at most after opened the products.
    Warning: We cannot ensure the quality of expired products, so please do not take them.
  11. 11. What is the best way to preserve the supplements?
    Please store away from direct sunshine, high temperature and high humidity. It is better to store them in dark and cold places, especially the pill and capsule type supplements. Some products, liquids and drinks need to be refrigerated. Please check the storage method written on the packages and the labels of the individual supplements.